Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a rejuvenating process that nourishes the hair. The treatment is called botox, like skin botox; it fills the hair fibres to make it smoother and reduces the frizz. If your hair is damaged, it becomes silky & shiny after this treatment. It deeply conditions the hair & even helps hair growth. It is helpful for oily or dry scalps, prevents split-ends and so on. It is composed of organic oils. It fills the cracks of the hair that have been created by coloring, bleaching, straightening, frequent styling, sun damaging, environmental stressors, so on.

Hair Botox lasts 4 months.

Result expectation:

  • Brilliant

  • Hydrated

  • Damage Repaired

  • Silky

  • Renew & Regrowth

  • Rejuvenated

  • Frizz-less

  • Lessened Drying Time